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Psychotherapy involves exploring unconscious thoughts and feelings that may influence a person’s behavior and emotional experiences. The therapist seeks to establish a safe and supportive environment to encourage clients to discuss their deepest thoughts and feelings. Psychotherapy could include exploring stories related to early childhood experiences and relationships. The therapist’s goal is to interpret the client’s negative behavior patterns and help them gain insight into their underlying motivations, conflicts, and defense mechanisms. The ultimate goal is to increase self-awareness and promote emotional healing.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaches are trained experts who can combine executive coaching and psychoanalysis skills to provide clients with a comprehensive personal or professional development approach. Executive coaching can focus on enhancing leadership skills, improving performance, and achieving career goals. At the same time, psychoanalysis can address emotional and psychological issues that may impact the client’s work and personal life. The two approaches can complement each other, helping clients gain greater self-awareness, develop new insights and strategies, and achieve a more fulfilling and balanced life. The combination can also provide a supportive and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their challenges and aspirations.

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Business Consultation

Working with a business coach can provide numerous benefits to individuals and organizations. A business coach can provide support, guidance, and accountability to help clients clarify their goals, develop effective strategies, and overcome obstacles. They can help clients improve their leadership and communication skills, enhance team dynamics, and identify opportunities for growth and development. Working with a business coach can also increase motivation, confidence, and resilience, leading to greater success and satisfaction in both personal and professional life.


Therapeutic Consultation

A therapeutic consultation is valuable for enhancing therapeutic effectiveness and preventing therapist burnout. The goal is to help therapists overcome areas where they feel stuck or encounter client resistance. During a consultation, the therapists discuss their case with an experienced colleague to gain a fresh perspective. The consultant aims to offer insights into the client’s behavior and suggest new techniques or interventions the therapist can utilize. This can help the therapist overcome helplessness or frustration and feel more confident in their ability to address the client’s needs. Additionally, the consultant can provide emotional support and help the therapist process any countertransference or personal issues that may impact their work with the client


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